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At Cogzie we have extensive experience in successfully implementing SharePoint solutions for building Publishing portals & internet facing sites, Web forms and business process integration, SharePoint Migration, Intranet with collaborative features & SharePoint Applications.

Explain what each of this offerings in details:

Publishing Portals

For an Enterprise or corporates, Publishing sites are enablers for providing a structured content viewing and streamlines process for authoring, approving, and publishing processes of content. Content editing is done in line for web pages, with rich HTML editing tools similar to ribbons in office product suite.

SharePoint Publishing portals provide box of features:

  • Themes
  • Content publishing & Cross site publishing
  • Content Scheduling
  • Variations (multi lingual support) & Regional Settings

Migration to SharePoint

SharePoint technology adds a lot advantage for enterprises in terms of features, easy integration and quick enhancements. Over the period SharePoint Technology has matured and new versions add more to it. Enterprises are benefited to move to new versions or existing migrate legacy systems to SharePoint. Most migrations requires good analysis, better planning and best migration knowledge base, this all comes with experienced team. At Cogzie, we invest in getting out the right Analysis, Preparing a professionally sound plan, Implement - Validate & Deliver results.

We have evolved ourselves as migration experts for

  • SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010
  • Lotus Notes to SharePoint 2010

Our knowledge base involves use of authentic third party tools for migration like

  • Casahl
  • Quest

Data Driven & Automation

SharePoint provides features that make information management a lot structured. Meta data stored in List and Libraries are used in a different ways like Searching, workflow automations and business intelligence. Easy integration of external systems in to your enterprise SharePoint platform gives users power to manage information and content from single application.

Various customizations with Web Forms & Web Parts makes SharePoint more effective in capturing and presenting data. SharePoint inbuilt workflows default provide simple approval and notification processes on your information. Complex business processes can also be integrated with custom implementations using, Windows Workflow Foundations or SharePoint Designer Workflows or Third Party workflow tools like Nintex & K2. Performance Point server integration adds the power of business intelligence and dashboards to the SharePoint Platform.

Our extensive experience in customizing and implementing business applications on SharePoint platform, assists in identifying approach, choosing tools, analyze and implement needs impacting business goals.