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Episerver CMS

World class content management system based on .NET platform. Best suitable for enterprises.

“An intelligent way to manage your website content to reach out your targeted audience”

Cogzie provides competent and consistent development solutions for Episerver CMS to enable businesses to keep up with the volatile needs of website users, especially those who view sites as information portals in every way. By employing an interactive and user friendly product like Episerver CMS, Cogzie helps business owners to successfully adapt their strategies according to the trends of the digital world.

The company makes ample use of the customizable workspace and accessible dashboard delivered by Episerver with utmost flexibility, simplicity and control.

The Episerver tech professionals at Cogzie deliver innovative offerings, making the most of the intuitive editing environment. The company also localizes content for some markets, and even offers personalized and custom features for different clientele. With their marketing skill and well-placed strategic markers, Techease also enhances business capacity to sustain brand control and even rebrand themselves.

Below are the key features of Episerver CMS which proves why it’s best web solution for your business need:

Quick on page editing, publishing and versioning

Allow your site publisher to update the page content same time when he surfing the website, without jumping back to CMS backend. Every time you update your content, its do versioning for you, so you can compare and revert back to your previous page version any time.

Content Security

Most important for any organization to define which content will accessible to which sets of users. Its is very easy to define micro security of your content within a page.

Compatible across the screens

Don’t worry about how your content will look like in different devices, editor can view it real time during time of publishing and content will adjust automatically based on devices without hiding your important message for the visitors.

Advance Document Library

Episerver provide OOB file management. You can work with your documents like you are working in your local machine. Drag-n-Drop of uploading of files make editor job easier. It’s also support inbuilt versioning of your document.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Communication

Provide personalized social media dashboard to track your visitor traffic. In built email and marketing automation functions to pass right message to right visitor at right time.