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Oil & Gas Company

Customer Background

A leading Oil & Gas drilling consulting company, is a large enterprise and with good track record. They have multiple offices and operational sites across globe with people interacting at various levels. There customers are Oil and Gas companies who leverage on specialized skills of handling onshore or offshore well drilling.

Business Scenario

Being in Oil & Gas industry, requires constant improvement in various standards and compliance for business operations and daily reporting. As a result it was highlighted several problems in the current system:

1. Remotely located smaller teams that had to collaborate on real time
2. Different teams at various stages in daily operations had to follow strict documentation standards and compliance
3. Lack of tracking missing compliance needs and reports.
4. Lack of document management with in smaller set of groups working from different locations.

Customer Requirements

1. Store and manage documents in a consistent manner for effective management and reviews.
2. Ensure security of all information and documents in system
3. Achieve efficiency while reducing cost for teams on field, by means of automated process
4. Bring together all the functions required for work and integrate in a single location


A web based portal on Microsoft SharePoint 2010, was built to make the working environment more accessible and at same time follows all compliance rules(business & security). Overall system allows easy collaboration for employees from any part globe and work more effective. Follows are specific measures taken:

Robust Information System:
An intranet site with all the routine day to day operations like leave management, employee directory, room bookings, etc. were integrated as per established policies of client. Improved the work environment by centralizing tools and efficiency.

Process Compliance:
Every new consulting or drilling project now starts as a sub site of the portal. Various configuration lists and workflows have been put into place to monitor and track business process compliance. Every project site is assigned core team members and workflows, based on business on predefined rules, tasks and documents are created in system; this are then assigned to project members for completion. Workflows brought automation and tracking for project fulfillment and completion, benefiting in terms of time saved for tracking, follow ups & reporting; thus saving on costs.

Reporting & Standardization:
Digitizing information process and consolidating activities of project sites brought power of KPI's and dashboards for management. Information from individual projects in web portal mapped over all status tracking of different type of projects, quantitative evaluation of success & failures, pictorial charts for easy understanding and clarity.

  • Accelerated daily operations with stability and efficiency
  • Easy access and work from anywhere increases productive of system
  • Quick and structured view of information required for business