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Episerver CMS Integration for world largest humanitarian organization

Customer Background

One of the world largest humanitarian organization. They have offices across the globe and humanitarian groups working on critical missions. Their goal is to provide better living for backwards countries and regions. They do lots of activities like Disasters Management, Risk Management, Capacity Building, Volunteers etc. So they need a portal for visitors as wells as members of the organization to exchange information.

They also need community platform where all members or volunteers share their activities across the members by sending the message, notification to members etc. Also, they have distributed and isolated application for each department like Human Resources, Finance, Disaster, Logistics, Shelter etc. So they looking for end to end portal where everything will be managed and accessible by single sign on.


They want to migrate all isolated applications into single platform using single sign on. Looking for better community tool where members can share their events, activities, messages etc. Their current portal was developed in Episerver 4.61 and Episerver Community 2.0 and they want to migration whole website using community module into Episerver 6 and Community 4.0 with all existing content, clubs, messages, blogs etc.


We helped them to migrate all the different isolated applications into Episerver by setting up a page level permission to keep department wise content isolated. So, no other departments cross access the data event it is single sign on.

After putting hard effort, we successfully migrated to Episerver 6 and Community 4.0 without disturbing the any piece of the content. They challenge was in migrating community version as there was breaking changes in version 2.0 and 4.0 but we managed to update related code chunk and API calls to make it compatible with new version.