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How the user profile information flows within MOSS?

Here are basic understading for how user profile information flows in sharepoint framework.

1. A subset of such information sits inside the content db for the given website/sitecollection.

2. WSS sites make the best possible effort to populate UserInfo when the first encounter a given user (i.e. say when the user is first added to the site).

3. Actual user profile info sits inside the shared service provider db.

4. SSPDB is kept up to date with profile information via an incremental profile import job that you have to setup (see instructions here (AD/ADAM/LDAP) and here (BDC)).

5. The SSP synchs down profile information to individual content DBs based on a timer job that runs every hour (see instructions on how to shorten this time cycle).

6. If actual SSP based user profile information is missing, then the content db "diet-userprofile-info" masquerades as user profile :).

7. If actual SSP based user profile information is available, then this SSP user profile information overrides the MySettings edits.

8. Individual users can manage their information in the UserInfo table via the MySettings link, which is userdisp.aspx?ID={userid}, or useredit.aspx?ID={userid}. Again, note that this info will get overridden every hour by what sits in the SSP. There are ways to prevent this overriding.

9. Administrators can manage other users profile info via the same link, appropriate rights can be delegated to the end users to allow managing other users info. But if you are using MySites/Profiles, then you shoudl manage profiles via the SSP/MySite.

10. If a MySite exists, the user can & should manage their profile information via their MySite.

11. If a MySite exists, then administrators can & should manage profile information via the SSP profile DB, or MySettings for the user being edited.
Nikunj Bhanushali , 24.12.2014 | Posted in  Episerver