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GetFallbackText error in ElencySolutions.MultiProperty.CMS7 after upgrading to Episerver 7

During working on Episerver 7 upgrade I was facing issue with Elancy MultiPorperty after upgrade.

So, I am writing here my experience how I resolved it to make it working in Episerver 7, which can save your time, if you facing this issue.

You can download Episerver 7 compatible code foWr MultiProperty form here

But after replacing existing references of MultiProperty with above one, you will still facing issue on loading MultiProperty and getting IO Stream error in LanguageHelper. GetFallbackText method.

Because it’s trying to load xpath value from embedded xml file from here GetManifestResourceStream("ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty.lang.lang.xml")

But in new version Assembly and Namespace changed from ElencySolutions.MultiProperty to ElencySolutions.MultiProperty.CMS7 so its unable to load lang.xml file from new assembly.

So, there is two way to fix it. First, you can change xml path to ElencySolutions.MultipleProperty.CMS7.lang.lang.xml, so it can load from new assembly. Or second you can revert back to assembly name and namespace back to ElencySolutions.MultiProperty instead of ElencySolutions.MultiProperty.CMS7.

This will resolve your GetFallbackText issue in MultiProperty with Episerver 7.

It is also recommended to use latest Episerver 7 – Patch 4, because MultiProperty works on Serialization concept and one of the inbuilt Episerver class not supporting Serialization which was fixed in later Episerver 7 Patch.

You can find Episerver 7 - Patch 4 from here

Enjoy your Episerver 7 Upgrade experience!